The creator and host of the Atomic Lounge Podcast is filmmaker and artist, Nena Jaye, who served as producer for the multi-award-winning feature documentaries; Daddy I Do, The Right to Love: An American Family and The Red Pill. As a skilled cinematographer, Nena is often utilized as a camera operator on Cassie Jaye’s films. She continues to provide creative support to Cassie and Jaye Bird Productions with project concept, filming, story editing, marketing and exhibition. Nena also happens to be Cassie Jaye’s mother.

The Atomic Lounge was created to expand upon the frequent conversations that take place inside of the funky and crystal-filled midcentury drinking lounge at Nena’s home. Inviting others to join the conversation, the Atomic Lounge serves as a safe place for the politically incorrect…with drinks! Make sure to subscribe and join us for a drink!

Nena Jaye and Cassie Jaye at the New York City premiere of The Red Pill